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We help empower people to be confident and productive in any business environment where computers and technology are used every day.

Integra Website Services

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We offer complete Web Solutions from idea to completion using our specialized knowledge and international experience in Online Marketing to help small to medium businesses turn their website into industry resource on the web.

Integra Computer Rental

Computer Room Rental Ι Portable Computer Lab Rental

Our Computer Room provides flexible options for technical training, non-technical training, meetings, webinar hosting, and conference room.

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Business Courses

Integra offers management skills certification training that will prepare you at all career levels to achieve in-demand industry-recognized certifications. Learn from the industry experts and increase your marketability through various methodologies and best practices that are essential in today’s competitive environment.


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Applications Training

Choosing proper training is often difficult, but our clients appreciate how Integra Computer Training customize our courses. We assess the training needs of our students based on their computer skills proficiency to assist managers in identifying the training required for their employees.

  • Courses are delivered by certified Microsoft Office Specialists
  • We can also travel to on-site classes and set-up our laptops for classroom style training
  • Our flexible courses are offered for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Experience real-world and practical hands-on learning

Microsoft Application Courses 2016 / 2013 / 2010
(Instructor Led, On-site & Online Training)

Weeknight and Saturday Classes

Integra schedules select course titles for the weekend and after traditional work hours Monday through Friday. Instructor-led after-hours classes are the same as those offered during the traditional work week. Click HERE to see the courses offered for busy people.

Graphic Design Courses

Learn skills in essential Adobe packages such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator where you’ll learn practical, transferable skills that can help you your career.

Click HERE for Graphic Design Training
(Instructor Led, On-site & Online Training)

Microsoft WordIntroduction
Microsoft Excel Introduction
Microsoft PowerPointIntroduction
Microsoft OutlookIntroduction
Microsoft Publisher Complete   1
Microsoft VisioIntroduction
Microsoft AccessIntroduction
Microsoft Project Introduction
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Website Services

Integra Website Services offers online marketing and complete web solutions. We are bringing more than 10 years of our specialized knowledge and international experience in online marketing to continue our passion for helping small-medium businesses to increase profit and unlock the potential within their organization.

We understand each website is different and each brand is unique. We strive to understand your business and your customers. This is our key to identifying and measuring key performance indicators based on each business requirements. We do research and competitor analysis to see the big picture of your business and to develop and prepare a detailed recommendation of the best available online and offline marketing strategies that your business can take advantage of.

Our Consulting, Website and Online Marketing Services gives you actionable advice, strategies, training, best practices in online marketing and use of different tools that will help measure the success of your campaigns. We also guide you through each step of the sales conversion process.

Consulting Services

•  Digital Marketing Consulting
•  Website Review and Audit
•  Website Coaching & Training
•  Digital Marketing Strategy
•  Website Content Review
•  Usability & Customer Experience

Website Services

•  Custom and Responsive Web Design
•  Content Manager
•  Managed Web Hosting
•  Keyword Search
•  Web page Keywords Optimization
•  Search Engine Optimization
•  AdWords
•  Google Analytics
•  Pay Per Click

Online Marketing Services

•  Email Campaigns
•  Website Campaigns
•  Social Media Integration
•  Personalized Business Photo Images

Get expert advice. Integra Website Services work with you to turn your website and business into an ultimate industry resource on the Web.

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Computer Rental

Computer room rental for successful training, webinars & meetings

Integra Computer Training has a fully equipped Computer Room and a Portable Computer Lab with high-tech computer hardware loaded with the latest software programs. We’ve got everything you need to provide the ideal learning or meeting environment whether it is in Saskatoon or anywhere in Saskatchewan.

Our Computer Room provides flexible options for technical training, non-technical training, meetings, webinars and conference room. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, high-speed internet access, big smart television screen display, and a technical staff present to support you with set up and configuration.

Computer Room Rental includes the following:

  • Training room with business laptops
  • High-speed internet access
  • A big smart television screen display
  • Audio-Visual equipment
  • Whiteboard & flip chart
  • Onsite technical staff to support you with set up and configuration
  • Proprietary software setup
  • Pens and papers
  • Complimentary coffee and snacks
  • Catering options are also available

Portable Computer Lab Rental Specifications:

We can also ship you our Portable Computer Lab in multiple laptops carrying case that is loaded with the programs you need for your training to meet your specific computer requirement.

  • New DELL Business Laptops
  • Intel i3-6th Generation
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 500 GB HDD
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Microsoft Office Applications

Our Computer room rental and portable computer lab are only available in Saskatoon, SK.