Learning Methods

Integra Computer Training assesses individual skills and business goals. We customize the content and learning methods of our courses to your company’s goals to focus on the most relevant topics for one-on-one or group training.

Instructor-Led Training

Our instructor-led training allows our instructors and students to interact and discuss the training material, complete labs and ask questions either individually or in a group setting. We continue to make our training more enriching, dynamic and valuable for students and businesses. Everyone on your staff receives the same training.

On-Site Training / Private Group Classes

On-site training maximizes learning and minimizes training and travel costs. We have flexible and cost-effective solutions that allow you to train as many or as few employees as you need in your organization. If you have four, five or more people to train and can’t afford to have them pulled away from their regular jobs, on-site training makes good economic sense. We bring the training at your offices, or at a location of your choice and schedule according to your preference with a standard surcharge for instructor travel related mileage and reimbursable expenses.

Online-Live Training

Students can also attend some of our courses online. We use a great online platform for our courses that are always interactive and uses only relevant course material. Learning can be fit into any busy schedule either at the office or at home.

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